Blitz Boost Controller - SBC Type R - 15039

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Blitz SBC Type R Boost Controller

Part No 15039

The SBC boost controller features a compact body only 12mm thick.

The highly efficient solenoid ensures excellent boost stability, control and response.

The SBC Type R features a dual solenoid that diverts pressure away from the turbo actuator to achieve higher boost. This dual solenoid is linked to a smart control unit installed inside the car, which allows you to control the boost pressure.

The control unit also displays live boost pressure. (Control unit can display up to 3 bar)

Scramble and gain settings are programmable.

There is a boost warning mode, which can be pre set to visually and audibly alert the driver to an overboost situation.

The unit can also be programmed to reduce the solenoid duty cycle in an overboost situation.

It is suitable for both internal and external wastegate applications.

The SBC Type R can control up to 2.5 bar of boost, and is supplied with wiring and English instructions.