Diesel - CRTD2 EDC17 - Tuning Box

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Diesel Digital Tuning Box - CRTD2

Want more power, more torque and economy from your diesel engine?

Then our TDi Tuning digital diesel tuning box is the answer!

All of our diesel tuning boxes connect securely to your engine and work in parallel with your Engine Control Unit (ECU). Our products adjust and streamline the engine's fuel injection parameters, engine timing, and quantity of fuel added, to significantly improve overall performance.

Tuning boxes come with a vehicle specific wiring loom which plugs straight into the cars existing loom, there is no wire cutting involved, so all you will need to install your new purchase are some very basic tools such as a screwdriver.
We make it as easy as possible for our customers to install our systems by providing them with comprehensive, easy to follow pictorial English (other languages also available) installation instructions.

If you prefer we offer a free fitting and road test service from our workshops in Cambridgeshire.

All of our tuning boxes also come with a full 14 day money back guarantee and include a 3 year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

Key Features:

- Up to 33% safe power and torque gains
- Up to 20% improved fuel efficiency
- DPF, ECU and EGR safe
- Dyno measured and proven results
- Vehicle specific maps programmed for your exact vehicle
- Traceless once removed
- Start/Stop compatible
- Cold start protection
- Greater throttle response
- Removal of hesitation and flat spots
- Re-programmable for your next vehicle (with the purchase of a new harness and map file)
- Compatible with manual and auto transmission
- Easy Installation - most vehicles 10 - 20 minutes
- No Quibble 14 Day Money Back Guarantee
- 3 Year Product Warranty

Note 1: This CRTD2 EDC17 box is compatible with the following Toyota's Landcruisers. At the point of order we programme the map files and supply the correct harness to suit your vehicle. 

Note 2: The CRDT2 EDC17 box is re-programmable and should you change vehicle in the future we offer a re-programming service and can supply a suitable loom for your new vehicle.


• 4.5 200 - Power 232bhp to 288bhp, Torque 454 to 522 lb-ft)

• 4.5 200 - Power 259bhp to 321bhp, Torque 479 to 551 lb-ft

• 4.5 200 - Power 282bhp to 350bhp, Torque 479 to 551 lb-ft

• 4.5 V8 D-4D - Power 202bhp to 250bhp, Torque 317 to 371 lb-ft

• 4.5 V8 D-4D - Power 268bhp to 332bhp, Torque 479 to 551 lb-ft


We can provide our tuning solution for almost any modern diesel engine with similar results to the above, please contact us for details.

Note 3: To order online please add your vehicle registration number and engine bhp if known to the notes section, we will contact you if there are any further options or questions before charging you.

For further information, please contact Dan

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