Link - Dash2 Pro

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Link - Dash2 Pro

LCD / LED Dash display - includes Link faceplate and CAN upgrade enabled to allow simple interface with Link Ecu's.

Powerful and ultra configurable display with powerful processing.

A complete system in one compact component with optional onboard GPS data logging and control outputs.

The DASH2 PRO is a complete and ultra configurable display system using powerful data processing and a range of enhancement options.

The enhancement options available customise the DASH2 PRO to your application (including built in GPS data logging, CAN communication options to decode ECU or CAN bus data, additional analogue inputs and output controller options) so you can have a complete road/race ready system within one ultra compact die-cast aluminium case.


What Does The DASH2 PRO Do?

The DASH2 PRO is a vehicle display system that has everything required to pass an IVA test (road legal) so you can replace your entire vehicle dashboard with the DASH2 PRO unit.

The unit displays sensor data in the user's preferred units, and warnings can also be set for critical channels.

The unit has 5 screens of data which can be scrolled through using buttons (not supplied).

The unit is configured using PC software via USB cable connection.

Displayed data, units, alarms, shiftlights, RPM scale etc is all configurable to the user's exact requirements.

Lap and sector times can be displayed as GPS lap/sector markers are passed (requires GPS data logging option or connection to one of our GPS data loggers) 

New Features For 2015

  • IP64 sealed (rain-proof), die cast aluminium enclosure enclosure with rubber sealing details
  • Completely new display meaning lap / sector timing features can be displayed in the bottom display segments
  • M4 threaded mounting holes on rear of case

Standard Features

  • Road legal dashboard, everything you need for a MOT and IVA test including warning lights
  • Transflective LCD display with back light, clearly visible under any lighting conditions
  • Integrated high brightness shiftlights
  • Fully configurable and suitable for any engine installation
  • Water resistant - suitable for open top and motorcycle applications
  • Gear position indicator calculated or via gear box sensor
  • Set different shiftlight brightness for day and night
  • Monitor your engine with high / low alarms
  • 5 user defined screens to display the information you want
  • Can be set up for MPH/miles or KPH/km
  • Configurable peak RPM feature and RPM scale
  • Can be set up for MPH/miles or KPH/km
  • Configurable peak RPM feature and RPM scale

Additional Features

  • The LCD contrast and backlight brightness can be adjusted to your preference, in both day and night modes
  • When the alarms are triggered, the backlight will also flash for a more noticeable warning
  • Reset any variables or a group of variables using an assigned button
  • Use the powerful processing to perform calculations on live data and display the results live

Automatic Lap Timing*

The automatic lap timing feature is designed to ensure lap timing is available whenever the Dash2 Pro is logging data. The Dash2 Pro has a built-in database of around 300 worldwide circuits. When driving one of these circuits, the unit automatically selects the correct marker file to give lap and sector times for teh track.

*Lap timing requires GPS data logging enhancement


  • Nissan 180-200SX-S13
  • Nissan 200SX S14 - 10/93> 01/99
  • Nissan 200SX S15 - 01/99> 08/02
  • Nissan Skyline GTR R32 08/89> 11/94
  • Nissan Skyline GTR R33 01/95> 01/99
  • Nissan Skyline GTR R34 01/99> 08/02
  • Nissan Skyline GTS R32 05/89> 08/93
  • Nissan Skyline GTS R33 08/93> 05/98
  • Nissan Skyline GTT R34 06/98> 06/01
  • Special order
  • Toyota Aristo 3.0 TT Vertex - JZS147 - 10/91> 08/97
  • Toyota Aristo 3.0 TT Vertex - JZS161 - 08/97> 12/04
  • Toyota Celica GT4 ST165 01/88> 12/90
  • Toyota Celica GT4 ST185 10/89> 03/94
  • Toyota Celica GT4 ST205 02/94> 08/99
  • Toyota JZX100 2.5 Turbo 09/96> 06/01
  • Toyota JZX110 2.5 Turbo 10/00> 06/07
  • Toyota JZX90 2.5 Twin Turbo 10/92> 08/96
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 1 3S-GTE 12/89> 12/91
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 2 3S-GTE 12/91> 11/93
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 3 3S-GTE 11/93> 08/99
  • Toyota Soarer 2.5 Twin Turbo JZZ30 05/91> 06/99
  • Toyota Starlet 1.3 Turbo EP82 4E-FTE 12/89> 12/95
  • Toyota Starlet 1.3 Turbo EP91 4E-FTE 01/96> 12/99
  • Toyota Supra 2.0 Twin Turbo GA70 1G-GTE 02/86> 05/93
  • Toyota Supra 3.0 Turbo MA70 7M-GTE 01/89> 09/93
  • Toyota Supra 3.0 Twin Turbo JZA80 2JZ-GTE 05/93> 08/02

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