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Information on Turbo & Supercharging your GT86 & BRZ

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How Does It Feel?

Forced induction is amazing on GT86 & BRZ. It completely transforms the car and provides so much torque you have to be careful even in the higher gears! The torque dip completely dissapears and is replaced with a torque hump that continues relentlessly to the red line. Overtaking is now a breeze even in higher gears. The car does not lose its fun, it just gains everywhere from 3,000 rpm and still feels rewarding to rev out to redline.

Is It Safe?

There are now thousands of "forced induction" cars around the world. Nothing can ever be completely safe but Fensport have been successfully turbocharging and supercharging GT86's since 2013 with over 150 conversions done and we have great experience in engine mapping using Ecutek software.

The weakest link in the engine is the connecting rod which can bend if too much torque is applied too quickly. They can also break as it is a cast item. We have had the standard con rods analysed by Cosworth and agree with them that 280bhp is about the safe limit. That's not to say they can't withstand more, it just becomes a lottery.


Turbo or Supercharger?

This one can not be answered! It really is a personal preference.... our experience shows that from around 4,000rpm and up to 0.6 bar there is really not much difference between the 280bhp kits. The bigger question should be what are my long term plans?  


Turbo Pros

Wide range of boost available using electronic boost control allows programming of torque curves via boost control.

Boost can be turned down when temperatures are too cold or too hot.

Boost can be controlled against gear position - used to lower power in lower gears.

Boost vs throttle angle - provide linear and adjustable power curve depending on throttle angle.

Upgradeable - Yes

Avo Stage 1 & 2 Turbo Kit can be configured from 250 to 380bhp

Blitz 380R Turbo Kit can be configured from 250 to 380bhp

Avo stage 3 Turbo Kit can be configured to run from 250 to 420bhp

Avo Stage 4 Turbo Kit can be configured to run from 250 to 440bhp

HKS GTIII-RS Turbo Kit can be configured to run from 250 to 450 bhp

Avo Stage 5 Turbo Kit can be configured to run from 250 to 550 + bhp (Our own race car runs 633bhp with race fuel & water /methanol injection)


Supercharger Pros

Easier to install

Can run with twin factory catalytic converters and even factory exhaust

Upgradeable? Some kits are


HKS V2 Supercharger kit has an air restrictor placed in front of the supercharge which limits boost, this can be modified or even removed to provide 280 to 360bhp depending on requirements.

HKS V3 Supercharger kit is not upgradeable, it has no restrictor, a larger compressor wheel which gives lower mid range boost but 0.7 bar top end. It is very good when using low quality fuels.

Cosworth Stage 2 Supercharger kit - *This kit was discontinued in 2019 and no longer available* upgradeable via 10% smaller supercharger pulley to increase boost by 0.1 bar and gives +15-20 bhp.



Clutch - Manual cars can run a standard clutch but are on the edge of the clutches capability. Most turbo kits will require a clutch upgrade.

Auto Transmission - The Auto trans cars should not run too high a power level (around 280bhp max) due to clutch slippage. Above this upgraded transmission components will be required.


Supporting Upgrades

Oil coolers - not a necessity for boosted engines unless they are running higher rpm or used for track use (we advise all cars have oil coolers, even normally aspirated,  if used on track)

Brake Upgrades - depends more on the driver and the application of the car.

Wheels & Tyres - As above depends on driver and application.


What Else?

On all forced induction setups we recommend you use Millers 0w30 Nanotec oil and change it every 5,000 miles, more often if hard track driven. 

Cosworth superchargers require belt replacement every 10,000 miles.


Fensport Supported Kits

We can fit and map virtually all GT86 & BRZ forced induction kits on the market today, we have first hand experience in the following

Avo Turbo Kits - stage 1- 5

JDL Turbo Kit

Greddy Turbo Kit

Blitz Turbo Kit

HKS Turbo Kit

Custom Turbo Kit

HKS Supercharger Kit V2

HKS Supercharger Kit V3

Cosworth Stage 2 Supercharger Kit

Litchfield Supercharger Kit

Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit

Harrop Supercharger Kit


Big Power!

For big power in your 86 you are limited to turbocharging if you want over 360bhp we recommend the Avo stage 3 - 5 depending on ultimate power goals. We can also help with upgraded fuel systems, fuel pumps, injectors, internal engine components, exhaust systems, water / methanol injection, upgraded transmission, diffs & driveshafts and we can also provide mapping / calibration services using Ecutek RaceRom for ecu control.