Celica TRD M Sport Blitz Supercharged

Celica TRD M Sport with Blitz Supercharger and 260bhp

This very special Celica is a TRD sports M version.

This ltd edition run of only 1200 cars, starts life as a bare bodyshell, where TRD strengthen the the roof pillars and the suspension pick up points, but doing this adds weight - so they remove the soundproofing to compensate. The six speed gearbox has a TRD helical LSD which virtually eliminates wheelspin.

The engine is modified, using lighter pistons, re-profiled camshafts, lighter valves and a lighter flywheel, pushing the 1800cc all alloy engine power to 200bhp, with terrific throttle response, making this lightweight car surprisingly quick.

This car now has the benefit of the Blitz supercharger kit complete with front mounted intercooler and access ecu. Power is now a very healthy 260bhp with a massive increase in torque, making the very lightweight celica into a very fast road car. The Blitz Supercharger kit is still available to purchase, click here for more info

The suspension is TRD sportivo shocks, springs, roll bars and bushes.

The Interior is retrimmed with blue alcantra seats and door panels, A sports SRS steering wheel, Quickshift gearler and TRD instruments are installed.