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Ecutek Overview
Ecutek provides us with excellent software and the remapping tools to allow us to develop maps to improve the performance of your car.

Master Tuner
Fensport are proud to be a "Master Tuner" using and distributing Ecutek products for Toyota GT86 & Subaru BRZ.
We have been extremely busy working on ECU remapping and only use Ecutek products & software to reflash the standard ecu.
To date we have mapped over 250 different customers from many different countries with many different vehicle modifications & fuel qualities. We have also carried out countless miles of road, dyno, track and race testing. 
We have 2 vehicles in house for testing, 1 race car currently at 633bhp and 1 normally aspirated road car used for development and testing.

Ecutek EVi Retail Programming Kit (ProEcu) 
The EcuTek Evi Retail Programming Kit (ProEcu) can be used to re-programme & tune the maps that control your car's engine. It can also be used for diagnostics and data-logging. GT86 & BRZ owners can tune their own vehicles or enlist the help of a Master Tuner.

Ecutek Evi - No Programming
Allows you to connect a smartphone to your ecu but unlike other bluetooth apps that just read the standard obd parameters, ECU Connect can be configured to read and log live data, clear dtc's, switch maps, run performance tests & input live changes in to the ecu using custom maps set up by Fensport.

Ecu Connect also features a fully configurable dash display allowing you to create your own custom gauges, backgrounds & warnings on your phone or tablet. With a simple device mount you can use it as secondary set of gauges. Via the Bluetooth Vehicle Interface you can now programme rom files (Dongle and mini USB to USB cable required available from Fensport)

Fensport Services & Support
We of course offer a remapping service for all types of GT86 & BRZ from a completely standard car through to highly modified road & race cars (see our GT86R case study below)

E Mapping / Remote Tuning
A very busy part of our business is to support customers remotely via email and tune cars around the world. 

We supply suitable ROM files to the vehicle owner, who can use the EcuTek Retail Programming kit to program these ROM files into their own car. You can then data-log the car and send the logs to us for our diagnosis, we repeat the process until the car is the best it can be and both parties are happy.

Please note we do not tune cars in Australia or Japan, both these areas have their own dedicated distributor. Please vist for their contact details

All cars need a one time license, this essentially unlocks the standard ecu and allows the programming of our tuned roms.

Ecutek's innovative way of adding an assortment of extras including Launch Control, Full Throttle Shift, Auto Blip on Downshift, 4 switchable maps, increased load limits to allow forced induction and the awesome 16 Custom Maps maps which gives us the ability to write our own maps.

GT86R - Case Study
When we started building our own GT86R race car we would have normally run a stand alone ecu like a Motec, however we wanted to see just how far we could go with the Ecutek software. We also wanted to learn the system, so the decision was made to stay with Ecutek and we are very glad we did. 

Here is an overview of how we use Ecutek and RacROM to run the car safely and reliably.

On top of normal engine control we have the following RaceROM features made possible via our unique custom map setup.

  • 4 Switchable Maps - 1.1 to 1.8 bar boost pressure
  • Launch Control & Auto Blip on Downshift
  • Boost vs Gear Position - 1st gear 0.8 bar, 2nd gear 1.2 bar, 3rd gear 1.6 bar, 4th gear 1.8 bar, 5th & 6th gear 2.0 bar (633bhp)
  • Boost vs Throttle Angle - allows driver to control boost / torque easier when on the limit of grip such as mid corner.
  • Boost vs Steering Angle - allows boost reduction when larger amounts of steering lock applied.
  • Overboost Cut - set for 2.2bar - in the event of a wastegate failure fuel supply will be cut to save engine.
  • Boost vs Air, Oil & Water temperature - Too cold or too hot and boost will be reduced
  • Variable Valve Timing Checklight - Driver can check VVT is working by holding throttle past 6%.
  • Oil Temperature Checklight - Over or under temperature presets and checklight comes on
  • ERL Water Methanol  - Failsafe integration - By inputting a 0-5v signal from the Aquamist water injection ecu we can add ignition and reduce fuel only while water / methanol is flowing. If the jet blocks or you run out of water the signal is cut and ecu reverts back to normal maps.
  • Sequential Gearbox - Flat Shift Control - by inputting a 0-5v signal from the Geartronics ecu we can apply fuel and ignition retard maps to allow super fast gearchanges in 0.12 of a second. We can actually shift at any time even mid corner at half throttle which is useful when you're on the edge of traction.
  • Speed Density - is where engine load is measured from the manifold pressure sensor and not the mass airflow sensor. Normally we run a hybrid system using Maf low down and switching Map when in to boost and approaching the limit of the Maf sensor, but on this car we needed the Maf input so by converting to full time speed density we can now use the Maf sensor input which is much faster than other inputs for the gear change signal!

Read more about our GT86R 

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Want to know how the process works? visit our FAQ Section here

Note: We do not offer any kind of pop and bang maps.