Fensport Altezza RS200 Blitz Supercharged

Altezza RS200 Blitz Supercharged 3S-GE Beams Engine 255BHP

The Altezza is the Japanese version of the Lexus IS200, however it comes with a much more powerfull 2.0 4cylinder Beams engine. Beams means variable camshaft timing, which helps to produce 210bhp on a standard Altezza, but standard cars don`t make it on this page so its been upgraded with the following

Blitz Supercharger kit, complete with Front mounted intercooler and aluminium piping. This raise power to 255bhp and gives the car 220FT/LB torque.

Blitz LM air induction kit, mounted in a custom carbon cold air box, ERL water injection kit.

TRD lightweight Flywheel, uprated clutch - standard 6 speed manual and LSD rear differential.

Fujibitso Sports 4 branch exhaust manifold and cat back exhaust system - surprisingly quiet!

Earth circle return system.

Samco silicone hoses.

The suspension has been upgraded with a full Blitz/Sachs height adjustable coiloverkit - which is extremely supple, giving tremendous handling with excellent ride quality.

Exterior benefits from TRD sports carbon grille, and TTE lower front spoiler, otherwise the car is standard.

Interior is standard with Japnav and TV and als has the TRD instrument panel.

The car has an extremely well balanced chassis and the extra power just makes a great overall package, the supercharger is switched via manifold pressure and throttle position, so the car still drives as standard untill the throttle is past 70%, then the supercharger switches on and the fun begins.....