Fensport Corolla GT4 4WD Turbo

Fensport Corolla GT4, 650bhp, 2.1L Turbocharged 3S-GTE conversion with 4 wheel drive

Having created the UK`s fastest Front wheel drive Corolla`s, we decided it was time for a 4WD version and have used the latest Japanese specification Corolla RunX 4wd bodyshell. Originally imported in april 2002, as a 1.5litre Automatic ! By July 2002 the car was completely stripped and rebuilt using the engine and transmission from the celica GT4 to make the ultimate stealth road car.

Here's an article published from Japanese Performance magazine.


This car has now been extensively modified to compete in both drag and track based events, it has been designed with all round performance in mind.

The engine used is the 3SGTE, 2.0 litre twincam 16 valve turbo, as used in both the MR2 Turbo and Celica GT4, The capacity has been increased to 2.1 litres, using a HKS longer stroke crankshaft & TTE steel connecting rods with Custom Forged Pistons, TRD Bearings and ARP Mains Bolts. ARP headstuds and a HKS metal headgasket.

Fensport Racing ported and flowed cylinder head with racing valves and double valve springs, HKS vernier pulleys and 272 camshafts. The inlet manifold is modified to accept a 75mm Aston Martin throttle body.

The fuel system is upgraded with a modified fuel rail and TTE 950cc fuel injectors, HKS fuel pressure regulator, -6 braided fuel lines and a modified 255L/HR fuel pump.

The turbocharger used is the Garrett GT35/42 Ball bearing unit, mounted on a HKS stainless steel tubular manifold, a HKS 50mm remote wastegate with 50mm screamer pipe. The exhaust system is handmade in house, using 90mm mandrel bent pipework from turbo to single back box with 90mm stainless tailpipe.

A Blitz LM Front mount "bar & plate" Intercooler, from the mitsubishi evo 6, is used with custom made stainless steel 70mm piping and Samco silicon hosing. The ERL water injection system is controlled by motec, and keeps the intake charge cool.

The cooling system is modified using a trd low temp thermostat and a high pressure cap. A GT4 ST185 radiator is used in conjunction with an alloy header tank and a swirl pot is used to seperate air and water.

Our Fensport Racing Triple plate clutch with lightweight steel flywheel, handles the immense torque which is fed into the standard transmission from the celica GT4.

A MoTeC M4 Pro ECU is used to control the engine as well as Boost Control, Water injection, Full throttle gearchange, Launch control, Data logging and Wide band Lambda, all mapping is done by ourselves.The standard ecu has been retained to run all the normal functions such as dashboard etc.

The Front suspension is handbuilt using Koni adjustable shocks and GT4 front springs. Superflex bushes and a Trd strut brace. Whiteline adjustable camber bolts.

Rear suspension uses Koni adjustable shocks with Fensport Springs, The chassis is modified to accept a MR2 Turbo anti-roll bar with poly bushes, and custom droplinks.

Front brakes are Hi - spec 6 Pot Calipers with massive 335 x 32mm front discs, The rear brakes have been upgraded using the 20valve corolla disc conversion, 263mm diameter.

Interior - TRD Race seats (6.3kgs), Momo steering wheel, Blitz and Spa digital gauges, ERL digital display,no rear seats.

The car has now been modified for drag and track use and by using race fuel the power is lifted to over 650bhp, with torque over 500ft/lbs.


We will always be very proud of our Corolla as it was the car that made people think! It surprised so many people including Toyota GB who went on to become a big supporter of Fensport :) Here is the original old "Max Power" Video where we race other modified cars before taking on the Aston Martin! Bear in mind the quarter was more like a 3rd of a mile, but the outcome was the Fensport Corolla wins :)

5th Gear Video with Tiff Needel - not our best day as gearbox broke 3rd gear!

A fun video done by High Octane

In 2006 we were invited to Ten of The Best in Dubai, the Corolla was part of Team GB which included 3 of the UK's best Skyline GTR's owned by Ron Kiddel, Mick Begley and Tim Webster.

A drag race with the infamous Jun Lemon Skyline shows just how fast the Corolla is :)

2nd overall on the handling track - TOTB Dubai


Estimated Power 650bhp +

Estimated Torque 500 ft/lbs

Fun Facts - Official Figures

Top Speed 200.4mph - Bruntingthorpe Airfield

Fastest Quarter Mile 10.39 @ 139 mph

0-60 in 3.1 seconds

Weight is 1280kgs in race trim.