Fensport MR2 MK1 Supercharged

Pete's MR2 Supercharger 4A-GZE Engine with 190BHP

This exceptional MR2 is a genuine supercharged non sunroof model, imported from Japan.

The engine has been modified with Fensport Racing supercharger pulley upgrade, boost is now 13psi, the bypass valve has been blocked to sustain the higher boost level. The engine breathes through a Blitz SUS filter and exhaust is upgraded to a Mongoose stainless steel system. TRD oil cap and polished rocker covers along with a fully detailed engine bay.

Performance is estimated at 190 bhp.

The chassis has been thoroughly upgraded using Koni adjustable dampers with Fensport springs, TRD top mounts and superflex bushes all round. To increase rear roll stiffness a 12mm anti roll bar has been retro fitted.

Brakes have been upgraded using Black Diamond 12 grooved discs all round with Pagid fast road pads. Stainless brake lines and dot 5.1 fluid.

Wheels are 7 x 17, OZ superturismo with Pirelli P7000 tyres.

The immaculate bodywork is fully colour coded and finished in Toyota New white over Flame red.

The interior has been re-trimmed in black English leather, Momo race steering wheel with TRD horn button.

There is a full sound system installation, comprising of an Alpine head unit (7521R), Pine electronic crossover mounted in the glovebox, Pine 4 x 50w amp driving mid and hf speakers, Pro-plus 4 x 100w driving rear full range speakers, The rear speakers are Infinity kappa 6 x 9 mounted in enclosed boxes behind the seats. Mid range component speakers are Alpine 6056ed mounted on centre consul boxes, front tweeters mounted on the dash.