Fensport Starlet EP91

Pete's Starlet Glanza Turbo

240 BHP and only 900Kgs makes for a very lively Starlet Glanza, the car has been built by owner Pete and the attention to detail is truly amazing. Have a look below at the pics & spec list below for an idea of how much work has gone in to this car.

Engine Specifications

The engine has been built using an ultrasonic tested block for cylinder wall thickness, after checking the block for irregularities and approved "fit for tuning" the block received Wossner forged pistons and Fensport Racing con rods with floating gudgeon pins. The standard crank is balanced along with the lightened flywheel and Alloy crank pulley.

The Cylinder head is ported and polished and dowelled to the inlet manifold which has been modified to accept a larger 4A-GE throttle body. The head sits on a metal head gasket and ARP head bolts.

The engine also benefits from Alloy Crank, Alternator & Power Steering pulleys to reduce rotational mass.

TRD Engine mounts are used to mount the engine.

Turbo System

A custom stainless exhaust manifold has been made to suit the Garrett GT25 Ball bearing turbocharger, Custom exhaust downpipe.

Engine Management

Motec M4 Pro ecu with launch control, In gear boost mapping, wide band lambda and logging. Custom wiring loom and sequential injection.

Fuel System

Uprated fuel pump 255 L/hr, FSE adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 540cc Injectors.

Exhaust System

Blitz Nur Spec R with custom downpipe.


Front mounted intercooler with custom 50mm stainless piping with Blitz dump valve.
TRD Low temperature thermostat.
Full size Fiat Punto Radiator installed in front panel.
Blitz 1.3kg/cm radiator cap.
Samco Radiator Hoses

Air Intake

Blitz SUS C4 filter housed in front wing, with custom ducts and intake to turbo hose.


Standard 5 speed gearbox with Kaaz LSD
Blitz Active clutch kit with lightened flywheel
TRD Quickshift gearlever
TRD Gear knob


TRD Lowerd spring kit
Koni Adjustable shock absorbers
Whiteline 22mm Front anti roll bar - Adjustable
Whiteline Rear anti roll bar - Adjustable
Whiteline Adjustable Pan hard rod
Whiteline anti lift and increased castor wishbone bushes
Whiteline Camber bolts


Tarox 6 pot, 305mm Front brake kit
Fensport stainless braided brake line kit

Wheels & Tyres

For road use - Blitz BRW 7 x 17" wheels finished in metal silver, Toyo Proxes S4 tyres.

For Sprint use - OZ Saturn 7 x 16" with Toyo 888


Celica TRD M sport front seats - road use.
Sparco Corsa front seat - sprint use.
Rear seats removed and boot & floor area panelled
Whiteline Rear strut brace
Blitz ELV boost guage, digital fuel pressure guage
Momo steering wheel
Launch control switch


Carbon Mods front splitter
Carbon Mods bonnet scoop - rear exit 
Modified fog lights
Lightweight mirrors.

Pete is a part time employee at Fensport and thoroughly enjoys driving his Starlet both on the road and at the race track :)