Naturally aspirated tuning

On the theme of keeping things simple we will break this down into "stages". Yes some of the internet will roast you for mentioning staged tuning but it just makes things a little easier to understand. You can't compare one tuners stage to another that is the only important thing to remember here. The other important thing is to not get hooked up on top line figures 10hp more peak doesn't sound like a lot but if its through the whole rev range or with an increase of 30ftlbs in the mid range the way the car feels and performs is drastically changed. Not everybody needs 1000hp to achieve the feeling they desire from their car.

Stage 1 - From £336 to £552

You can drastically change the way the car drives and add a little bit of top end power from a simple remap. Our remap adds around 10bhp everywhere in the rev range, gives you 4 switchable maps changed by the cruise control stalk to add things like auto blip, full throttle shift, launch control and pops & bangs. We don't do a "flash and dash" style map, we tune each car individually to extract the best power possible even on a bone stock car. If your car is entirely standard and has never been tuned before you need an Ecutek license to allow the tuning software to be used on your car, this is a one time fee and stays with the ecu so if you end up all the way at a 600bhp monster you still keep the same license and don't need to buy it again. the cost for this is £574.80 and can be done in a morning whilst you wait and we can usually fit you in within a few days notice.

If your car has been tuned using Ecutek before and you just want to swap over to a Fensport tune the cost excludes the remap and is £358.80

Don't expect any more than 210bhp maximum from this but its a very cheap and easily reversible way of enjoying your cars potential a little bit more.

We offer this service all over the world and can perform it remotely, all you need for it to be done remotely is the ecutek hardware to flash the map file and take logs

Stage 2 - £1499

If you want more than the above with a particular focus on eliminating that pesky torque dip we have created our NA Package. Prices start at £1499 this gives you a Avo unequal length manifold, blitz panel filter, mishimoto lower temperature thermostat, all labour and fluids as well as an ecutek tune. This will put you into the 210-215bhp category with a large transformation in the cars powerband adding a lot more mid range torque making the car a lot more fun and usable on the road or the track. It can be used with a stock exhaust system or any aftermarket exhaust system but as this uses a decatted manifold noise levels are increased so we advise at least a resonated exhaust system.

Note: No catalytic converter, this product is for off road use only.

We can do this in 1 day while you wait, to book an appointment all parts would need to be paid for up front and usually 2-3 weeks notice to make sure all parts are here and to allow for other bookings, this can increase in the busy summer months or if parts are delayed so book in plenty of time!

Stage 3 - £3500 - £6000

This is where we move away from package deals and look at the result as the package rather than a collection of products, there are a number of ways to achieve a good result here but the main focus is on flow. A good exhaust system, a long tube manifold or header as some call it, free flow air filter and some light weight rotating parts to improve the throttle response. Here you can expect to achieve around 220bhp peak on vpower or more on race fuel or with methanol/ethanol additives etc. Below is a collection of our personal favourites, for this setup we would need to keep the car for a couple of days and would advise at least 1 months notice for booking to ensure all parts are here and that we have enough time in the workshop calendar to accommodate the work.

Total cost of all of that including labour to fit it would be £4555.78 this is about as far as you want to go sensibly when NA tuning. Its going to give you a good boost of power, massively transform the way the car drives but the noise level might not be to everyone's taste.

Note: No catalytic converter, this product is for off road use only.

Looking at the money spent we are getting dangerously close to forced induction territory where the power improvements are massive by comparison so think long and hard before you go down this road. If you are planning to go supercharged nearly all of these parts can be kept so all is not lost. If you are planning to go turbocharged the largest expense which is the manifold would not be reused.

Stage 4 - £10,000+

You would only be considering this if you race the car and are restricted to naturally aspirated by your class rules. This is something we would need to consult with you on as its not a simple subject as we are talking about changing engine internals and major work. Expect at least 2-3 months for booking time and parts collection and at least a £10,000 budget with maximum power potential still only being around the 250bhp on pump fuel or a little more on ethanol based fuels or race fuels.


For booking or further discussion on any of the above please email