Aston Martin Cygnet 1.3 Parts

cygnet 1
Production Dates 01/11>
Chassis Code  
Engine Code 1NR-FE
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, 16 valve
Engine Capactiy 1329cc
Maximum Engine Power 98 bhp
Maximum Engine Torque 91 lb/ft
Body Type 3-door hatch
Drive Line Front wheel drive
Transmission 6 speed manual

The Astin Martin Cygnet is a high-quality luxury city car, originally based on Toyota iQ, the Cygnet has been re worked with luxury interior, sports Aston style body panels and sports alloy wheels.

The Cygnet was Introduced January 2011 to help Aston Martin meet EU average emissions standards due in 2012.

The Cygnet uses the same 1329cc engine with 6 speed transmission as the iQ3.

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