Lexus GS 450H, GWS191, 02/06> Parts

GS450H 01
Production Dates 02/06>
Chassis Code GWS191
Engine Code 2GR-FSE
Engine Type V6, 24 valve & Hybrid
Engine Capactiy 3456cc
Maximum Engine Power 289bhp engine only 331 bhp combined
Maximum Engine Torque 271 ft/lb engine only
Body Type 4 door saloon
Drive Line Rear wheel drive
Transmission Automatic

The GS450H hybrid option was introduced in February 2006.

It was the first mass produced luxury rear wheel drive car, featuring an electric as well as a petrol engine. The GS450h model offers even higher levels of refinement and high performance with diesel-rivalling economy.

It's also more environmentally friendly, which makes it much cheaper to run, both in fuel economy and company car tax.

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