Lexus RX 300, MCU15, 07/00> 06/03 Parts

rx300 2
Production Dates 07/00> 06/03
Chassis Code MCU15
Engine Code 1MZ-FE
Engine Type V6 24 valve
Engine Capactiy 3000cc
Maximum Engine Power 208 bhp
Maximum Engine Torque 204 lb/ft
Body Type 5-door suv
Drive Line Full time 4wd 50/50 torque split
Transmission automatic

The Lexus RX300 is a luxury crossover, designed to combine the functional characteristics of an SUV with ride and features of a luxury saloon.

The RX300 became the best selling car in its class in America where the 4wd RX was first introduced in 1998, sales were so successful in the USA that sales to Europe were delayed because of production shortages.

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