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GT4 - ST185, GT4, 10/89> 03/94

Production Dates 10/89> 03/94
Chassis Code ST185
Engine Code 3S-GTE
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, 16 valve, Turbo
Engine Capactiy 1998cc
Maximum Engine Power 200 - 225 bhp
Maximum Engine Torque 200 - 220 lb/ft
Body Type 3-door coupe
Drive Line Full time 4wd 50/50 torque split
Transmission 5-speed manual

The 5th generation Celica, now in GT4 form with 4 wheel drive and turbocharged 3S-GTE engine.

There are a few variations on this model and a facelift 08/91which included some brake and appearance changes.

There is a special rally edition of 5000 units, known as the GT-Four RC in Japan, CS in Europe and Group A Rallye in Australia. All of these models are later 08/91>

Some of the extras features include:
- A water to air chargecooler rather than a air to air intercooler.
- A different bonnet to allow air to vent out of the engine bay
- Front bumper was changed to allow more airflow and is also lighter
- Ecu was changed to suit.
- CS & Grp A were 204bhp, whilst RC was 225bhp.

5,000 units were built as per homologation rules for rallying, 1,800 were for Japanese market, 3,000 for Europe, 150 for Australia, 25 in Singapore, and a few for New Zealand.
Many RC models have now been privately imported in to Europe.

Models covered in this section include

UK - GT4,GT4 Carlos Sainz,
Japan - GT4, GT4 RC, GT4 Rally.
Aus - GT4 grp A
US - Alltrac - Please be aware there may be fitment issues with left hand drive vehicles

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