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GT4 - ST205, GT4, 02/94> 08/99

Production Dates 02/94> 08/99
Chassis Code ST205
Engine Code 3S-GTE
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, 16 valve, Turbocharged
Engine Capactiy 1998cc
Maximum Engine Power UK 236bhp, JDM 255PS
Maximum Engine Torque 304NM
Body Type 3-door coupe
Drive Line Full time 4wd 50/50 torque split
Transmission 5-speed manual

The GT-Four ST205 was launched in Japan in February 94. Based on the 6th generation Celica it is the most powerful GT4 to date. Using a much improved version of the legendary 3S-GTE engine, UK cars produced 236bhp whilst Japanese domestic models as much as 255bhp.

There are 2 model variations, a normal GT4 and a ltd edition (2500) WRC version which was built for rally homologation. The WRC specification car had many "add ons", such as anti lag valve, air injection, water injection, water spray but these additions were never working, only there for homologation purposes.
Both models were essentially mechanically identical and both feature the Superstrut suspension, 4 pot front brakes, 2 pot rears, water to air chargecooler, alloy bonnet etc.

In 1996 there was a model update with 6 spoke alloys, low rear spoiler and in 1997 in Japan projector type headlights were added.

The following parts sections cover the model variations listed below:


Japan - GT4, GT4 WRC