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GT86, 01/12> 12/16

GT86 trd
Production Dates 01/12> 12/16
Chassis Code ZN6
Engine Code 4U-GSE / FA20
Engine Type Flat 4 Boxer, 16 valve
Engine Capactiy 1997cc
Maximum Engine Power 197 BHP
Maximum Engine Torque 205 NM
Body Type 3-door coupe
Drive Line Rear wheel drive
Transmission 6-spd manual & 6 spd Auto

This is the car the true enthusiast has been waiting for! Introducing the GT 86 is a pleasure!

The GT 86 is a pure driver orientated sports car, featuring a 2.0L flat four boxer engine producing 197bhp, 6 speed manual or 6 speed auto (paddle shift) transmission and driving the rear wheels via a mechanical lsd. The VSC system is also switchable.

The Boxer engine uses Toyota's D-4S direct injection technology to produce 197bhp and meet modern emmissions standards. The design team have also worked well to produce the car with a low centre of gravity which enables the GT 86 to corner with incredible balance and fun.


This section covers both the "Zenki & Kouki" models, which is Japanese for "Early" (pre 2017) and "Late" (post 2017) models.


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