Toyota Levin / Trueno 1.6 Supercharged, AE92, 05/87> 06/91 Parts

AE92 supercharger
Production Dates 01/87> 06/91
Chassis Code AE92
Engine Code 4A-GZE
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, 16 valve, Supercharged
Engine Capactiy 1587cc
Maximum Engine Power 145 - 160bhp
Maximum Engine Torque 140 - 155 lb/ft
Body Type 3-door coupe, 4 door saloon
Drive Line Front wheel drive
Transmission 5-speed manual

The Trueno / Levin Supercharger was intended for the Japanese domestic market, but with many finding their way in to Europe. The supercharged engine differed from the normal Corolla by using lower compression pistons, the supercharger was electro - magnetically switched for better fuel consumption, and an intercooler was used above the engine, which was fed cool air from the bonnet scoop. The engine developed an impressive 45% increase in torque compared to the normally aspirated 4A-GE.

The earlier version produced 145bhp and used an airflow meter on the air intake, whereas the later versions had a narrow port head design along with a map sensor to measure the volume of air entering the engine.

Although mechanically the same, the Levin Supercharger can be identified by normal type headlights as shown in the above picture, whereas the Trueno had pop up type headlights.

Fensport have supplied over one hundred and fifty 4AGZE conversions to European Corolla's and MR2 MK1's.

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