Toyota MR2 Turbo, Rev 2, 3S-GTE, 12/91> 11/93 Parts

SW20Turbo Rev2
Production Dates 12/91> 11/93
Chassis Code SW20
Engine Code 3S-GTE
Engine Type 4 Cylinder, 16 valve, Turbocharged
Engine Capactiy 1998cc
Maximum Engine Power 222 bhp
Maximum Engine Torque 200 ft/lb
Body Type 2-door coupe
Drive Line Rear wheel drive
Transmission 5-speed manual

This is the 2nd revision of MR2 MK2 Turbo

The main changes were to suspension and braking components.

This MR2 model came from the factory with 15" wheels.

The engine uses an airflow meter in the intake.

It was also available as a T bar

Important Note: This section is for Revision 2 MR2 MK2 Turbo

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