TRD Sports Iridium Sparkplug - Grade 7

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High-output, high-rev sports car engines require a spark plug that is able to withstand the loads generated by such high power, and that can guarantee reliable ignition.

TRD employs a new iridium alloy as the precious metal for the center electrode, to achieve a super-fine tip diameter of 0.4 mm, compared to platinum's 0.7-mm diameter. This greatly improves ignitability over platinum by decreasing the voltage required to spark, and allows you to maximize the response of high-performance engines.

These high performance spark plugs allow for easy start-ups and prevent misfire during any driving conditions.

Iridium spark plugs last longer than conventional plugs and perform more consistently

TRD Iridium Sparkplug ISO

Grade 7

- Price is for 1 single spark plug