Brake Discs - Front - 12 Groove - 238mm - Corolla AE92 <08/89

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Black Diamond 12 Groove Front Brake Discs for Corolla AE92
238 x 18mm 

Black Diamond's 12 Groove range offer improved response and greater friction, the brake discs are heat treated to provide you with awesome braking performance.

All brake discs feature black phosphate coatings which will wear off on the friction surface.

These award winning brake discs are made to the most exacting standards using computer aided design and production.

Fensport Tip: Always replace brake discs in pairs and make sure the hub faces are clean and free from rust or defects. A "smear" of copaslip or similar, should be applied between disc and hub flange to help prevent any future rust build up. New brake pads should also be fitted and the manufacturer's bed in procedure followed. This will ensure you get the best possible lifespan for your new brake discs & pads.


  • Toyota Corolla 1.6 GTi AE92 05/87> 08/89
- Price is for 1 pair of brake discs