Intake Air Temperature(IAT) Sensor Kit - Steel Boss

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Charge Air Temp kit - Weld on Steel Boss

The standard air temperature is taken from the maf sensor housed in the airbox which works fine for normally aspirated cars.

If running forced induction it is beneficial to read the "Charge Air Temperature" This is the temperature of the air after it has been compressed / intercooled.


For GT4/MR2/Supra/Starlet/Universal : The standard air temperature sensor is located in the inlet manifold and is of enclosed element type meaning it is very slow reacting and suffers from heat soak badly in high performance applications. We recommend using this relocation kit to put the sensor pre throttle body, this sensor is an open element type with a plastic body meaning it does not suffer from heatsoak and reacts very quickly to temperature changes giving us a more accurate and safer control of ignition timing and fueling trims. 

Our kit includes:

Temperature sensor - M12X1.5 thread
Plug Connector & Boot
Steel Boss (weld on)


- We can supply Ecutek calibrations for the sensor. - Welding of boss and wiring (2 wires) required. - Works with Ecutek, Motec & Link Ecu