Blitz Standard Edition Intercooler - 23117 - EJ20 GRB, EJ25 GRF, EJ20 GVB, EJ25 GVF

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Blitz Intercooler SE Edition 

No compromise for performance and the lowest possible price for maximum cost-to-performance ratio achieved. 

Inner tube type core is utilized to achieve light weight construction, and offset fin for maximum cooling efficiency and low pressure loss. 

Louver type fin is employed for outer fin for better airflow and maximum cooling performance. 

Durable, heat-resistant blue silicone hoses are used for joint hoses. 

Pipes are designed with minimum bend and made of aluminum for weight reduction and less pressure loss. 

Side tanks and pipes are polished for better look. 

Front mount SE Intercooler kit 

70mm alloy pipes

Silicon Joining hoses

Brackets and Clamps

Applications include -

Impreza STi, GRB, EJ20 10/07>

Impreza GRF, GVB, GVF

Note 1: Stock air cleaner box cannot be used. Please use BLITZ SUS power air cleaner series.

Note 2: Need to change battery size.

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