Brake Disc & Pad Kit - Front - DBA 4000 Series - T3 - Lexus ISF

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DBA 4000 Series T3 Brake Disc & Pad Kit for Lexus IS-F

Front 360 x 30mm discs, with DBA Xtreme Performance brake pads

Note: Price is for 1 pair of discs with 1 set of brake pads

DBA’s Brake kit of T3 4000 Series slotted rotors and Xtreme Performance (XP) brake pads have been designed for drivers seeking high initial bite and friction consistency from low to high temperatures.

The XP range are for heavy duty applications, where higher friction levels are required, in order to safely brake under extreme conditions.


  • Street performance and occasional track day
  • Perfectly matching combination of disc and pad
  • Save 5% over buying separately
  • Brake Pads offer brake consistency up to 550
  • Brake Pad friction 0.45 average mu from low to high temperatures
  • T3 Brake discs feature patented 'Kangaroo paw' ventilation design provides greater heat dissipation minimising brake fade.
  • Bi Directional use, ie: not handed.
  • Tri symmetrical slots are quieter, more responsive and provide a smoother pedal feel.
  • High Carbon Alloyed Iron increases the thermal capacity properties of the rotor.
  • Thermographic heat paint markings change colour to monitor peak braking temperatures, which helps in selecting friction material.
  • Direct fit
  • Manufactured in Australia

DBA brake discs have gained quality certification internationally, including ISO, TUV, and the Technical Specification from the International Organisation of Standardisation, their highest ranking for the auto industry. 

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