Clutch Kit - Xtreme Heavy Duty Organic - GR Yaris

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Xtreme Heavy Duty Organic Clutch Kit for GR Yaris

The heavy duty Xtreme clutch kit is designed to fit the stock dual mass flywheel. It uses an upgraded cover with increased clamping force, combined with an organic friction disc.

Suitable for - street type vehicles with minor engine modifications.

This clutch provides a very progressive engagement, making it very driver friendly and ideal for cars that spend time in traffic. Normal Clutch wear rate is very low. 

GR Yaris Specific features:

  • 240mm organic driveplate with solid centre drive hub
  • Anodised billet alloy cover 
  • Uprated clutch cover - clamp load increased over standard
  • Torque capacity 560Nm
  • Clutch alignment tool 
  • Fits with standard dual mass flywheel
Note: Organic friction material is more susceptible to heat and is not as suitable for repeated drag type launches. For drag type launches please purchase a ceramic type clutch kit.

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  • Toyota GR Yaris

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