Clutch Kit - Uprated Stage 1 - Black Diamond - iQ 1.3, Yaris 1.3 SR & Yaris 1.3 Sport

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Black Diamond Uprated Clutch - Stage 1 for iQ 1.3, Yaris 1.3 SR & Yaris 1.3 Sport, Urban Cruiser 1.3

200mm diameter, 2 piece clutch kit includes, cover & plate

The stage 1 clutch kit is recommended for vehicles with up to 20% increase in torque above standard.

The clutch disc has a spiral woven glass fibre friction material with a heavy copper core. The glass fibre is a fairly soft material which allows for a smooth engagement of the clutch and consistent performance from low to high temperatures. The added copper in this friction material allows the clutch to perform well at even higher temperatures, as well as improving burst strength (approximately 9000 RPM) and helping to dissipate heat through the material.

The stronger springs used in Black Diamond’s Stage 1 clutch kit create greater clamping force on the clutch disc, providing a more instant response and reducing the chance of unwanted slippage.

As the organic compound used in the Stage 1 clutch disc is relatively soft, it also benefits from a minimal breaking in period.

This clutch provides a very progressive engagement, making it very driver friendly and ideal for cars that spend all day in heavy traffic. Normal Clutch wear rate is very low. 

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  • Toyota iQ 1.33 NGJ10 07/09>
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser 1.33 VVTi NSP110 05/09>
  • Toyota Yaris 1.3 Sport NSP130 08/11>
  • Toyota Yaris 1.3SR NSP90 11/08> 12/11

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