Coilover Kit - MCA Pro Sport - Toyota GR Yaris

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Coilover Kit - MCA Pro Sport - Toyota GR Yaris - 7kg & 9kg spring set


The MCA Pro-Sports are designed to provide a high level of performance but still with an acceptable level of comfort while offering a large range of adjustment. The minimal compromise is thanks to MCAs latest valving, Fusion Valving, along with a more thorough and dedicated development program. Their setup has been derived from Circuit Racing testing for the Red Series but modified to suit a wider range of applications including street use.

What's in the box?

  • Complete Suspension System
  • Height Adjustment Tools
  • Setup Sheet
  • Information Sheets
  • MCA Sticker's


  • Designed, Developed, Assembled & Fully Supported in Australia
  • 3 Year Platinum Warranty
  • Fusion Valving Technology
  • Dyno Tuning & Testing high level of quality control
  • 12 Clicks of Hard/Soft Damper Adjuster (Bump & Rebound together)
  • Camber Adjustment via top mount (where possible, see vehicle specific details tab)
  • Camber Washer Bottom Mounts (where possible, see vehicle specific details tab)
  • Damper Adjuster Extenders (where possible, see vehicle specific details tab)
  • Wheel travel range adjustment via bottom mount (pre-set by MCA)
  • Height adjustment via spring seat position (base height adjustment is flawed)
  • Suggested Height Adjustment Range: factory height down to tyre up inside fender by 15mm (estimate, does vary vehicle to vehicle)
  • Reinforced double gusseted lower mounts (where applicable, see vehicle specific details tab)
  • Helper Springs to keep the main spring captive at all times
  • Latest Rugged Spec internal sealing designs and components
  • Superior Monotube design


  • Non-Inverted Strut Design
  • Uses Factory Top Mount
  • Camber Washer Bottom Mounts
  • 7KG Springs


  • Separate Spring & Damper Design
  • Uses Factory Top Mount
  • 9KG Springs

Suitable Applications:

  • Street driving with a firm but adequate ride quality
  • Enjoyable spirited driving
  • High level spirited driving
  • Light/Medium Motorsport usage
  • Factory height down to tyre up inside fender 15mm (estimate)


Period of Coverage: 3 years

For more information please see our Warranty Policy

Why MCA?:

There are a number of differences between MCA/Voston products and other brands around these price points. One of the main ones being our extensive Platinum Warranty program which offers and extreme amount of extra support and warranty coverage. The way our products are designed, where instead of using “base height adjustment” we use critical length technology which is the same as what other established, high end brands use such as Ohlins and Penske. The design and product setup is also 100% determined by MCA Suspension experience, knowledge, testing and development in Australia and is not copied off of other existing products like many other brands at this price point. In the case specifically for MCAs, these products are also 100% assembled to order in Australia, internals, not just externals. Plus the Reds are also tailor made to the customers requirements. Both Vostons and MCA products are 100% serviceable, repairable and upgradable meaning that the product can last the life of the vehicle or longer, and be upgraded/modified to suit different requirements if needed.

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  • Toyota GR Yaris

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