DTUK v2 Race Tuning Box - GR Yaris - With Speed Limiter Removal

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Plug and play tuning box for the GR Yaris 1.6 Turbo. 

Standard cars with a panel filter, OPF back exhaust and this tuning box are achieving just north of 300bhp from the standard 257bhp which is absolutely fantastic.

Combined with an Eventuri intake and full Milltek OPF delete exhaust system as much as 320bhp has been seen which is just amazing for plugin and bolt on mods! 

Mid range torque increases are huge. As much as 445nm has been seen up from the standard 360nm.

Andrew at DTUK has dedicated a huge amount of time developing the best files for these boxes since the cars release. He is regularly found in the whatsapp group experimenting trying to find more power, helping owners install their kits and generally just chatting about the car. 

This is the latest "race edition" box which connects to both boost sensors, cam sensor for engine rpm reference and the mass airflow sensor to adjust the load the ecu is seeing to change fuelling and ignition to a degree. It also has an optional output that can be connected to the ECU to remove the top speed limiter, this is not plug and play and requires cutting a wire at the ECU but it is option and does not need to be connected. 

At time of writing it is the most advanced tuning box on the market for this car and from what we have seen of other companies comes with an unrivalled level of support from the company. 

The box comes with multiple "maps" pre installed which can be adjusted from the box its self or by bluetooth app. It is an incredibly easy install that can also be easily removed before main dealer servicing and warranty work so you don't lose that all important warranty. 

Some example dyno results

gr yaris dyno result dtuk tuning box

dyno tuning result gr yaris tuning box 1.6 turbo

dyno tuning result gr yaris tuning box 1.6 turbo

There is a warning with these dyno graphs, the car is incredibly hard to dyno correctly with its ever moving power delivery between the front and rear wheels. You will not be able to pop to your local dyno and get fantastic figure, it takes a very experienced dyno operator to dyno these correctly. However performance in the real world is absolutely fantastic!

  • Toyota GR Yaris

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