Water Injection Kit - ERL System - HFS-V3.1

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ERL Water Injection Kit System HFS-V3.1

Failsafe Water/Meth injection :) For years people have used water injection, however there has always been that worry that what if it fails? Should you map for it? Now we have the HFSV3-3 kit from Aquamist and have developed failsafe mapping for Ecutek with custom RaceRom maps and also Link & Motec Ecu's. The system is so good and instantly reacts, we can hold the car on full throttle and literally switch the WI on and off, the maps change instantly allowing us to turn WI in to the "Power Adder" it should be! :)

The Aquamist system has a 0-5v output based on water flow, which we can use to switch maps when linked to a programmable ecu, allowing the correct calibration of fuel & ignition as well as map switching and boost or throttle reduction if required :)

Aquamist has been pioneering the IDC based water injection system since 2003 with great success. The HFS3-pwm system is designed to complete the Aquamist’s PWM-valve delivery system line-up, it allows precise metering of water/methanol injection for the modern high performance engine. The dash gauge, flow sensor and “Plug and Play” features are standard to minimise installation time.

The system retrieves the fuel flow (IDC) and manifold pressure signals (MPS) from the engine management system as the prime source to control the flow of water. This enables perfect balance of water to fuel flow under all engine loads. The system can also be controlled by a third-party ECU with its own custom water/methanol flow map.

A “Fast Acting Valve” (FAV) controls the delivery rate based on the PWM signal from the HFS-3 controller. A constant line pressure (160 psi) is provided by the Aquatec pump working in the “by-pass” mode. A PWM valve system guarantees wide dynamic range.

The HFS-V3.1 kit comes with a pre wired harness to simplify installation.



- Water tank not included.