Forged Con Rods - Brian Crower Sportsman "H" Beams - Tapered / Machined for Stock Pistons - GT86 & BRZ - FA20

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FA20 H BEAM CONNECTING RODS - Can be used on stock pistons!

Brian Crower have heard the cry of "we need a forged conrod to suit the stock piston" and answered! They offer this conrod pre machined ready for straight fitment into a stock short block. 

Given the stock pistons have been proven over 400bhp by us and others around the world you don't always need the added complications and hassle associated with using a forged piston especially in a daily driver or very regularly driven car. If pushing into the higher realms of 350bhp+ we would also advise opening up the top ring gap and performing various oiling system improvements. We can assist with both of those jobs.  

If you then decide later down the line you want to go for more power and go beyond the limit of the stock pistons this machined conrod can still be used on a regular forged piston. Thining the small end is actually a very common piece of machining for lightening conrods and has been done for years on regular non tapered pistons.

Premium quality Pro H Beam design connecting rod that incorporates the venerable ARP2000 bolt, rated to 220,000 p.s.i. These H Beams are made from aerospace grade 4340 steel billet and are rated in excess of 200HP per cylinder.


- Small end to gudgeon pin clearance will need checking and may need reeming to correct.

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