Front Indicator Light Kit - Crystal Clear - MR2 MK2 SW20

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Front Indicator Light Kit for MR2 MK2 SW20

Crystal Clear


Supplied with bulbholders and 2 x 21W Amber bulbs, E approved

Fits European model with the extra side light and 2 wiring looms going into one connector block. Import has single wiring loom with twin filament bulb.

UK connector is square with 2 vertical pins and 1 horizontal pin. Import has an oval connector with 3 pins in a row.

Very early UK models (1991) used the US connector. As this included a separate sidelight, modification will be required. The connector will have to be removed and the wiring connected directly to the car's existing connector

White/black wire is the earth, green wire connects to the sidelight and green/red wire connects to the indicator.