Helix Uprated Clutch Cover - GT86 & BRZ

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Helix Uprated Clutch Cover Assembly for GT86 & BRZ

Our uprated cover provides almost 100% increase in clamping force and is a must for competition use and or forced induction.

Helix clutch covers are uprated and increase clamping force and torque holding capability.

Uprated clutch covers are intended for use where a higher than standard level of performance is required over a standard clutch, such as increased power and torque or even standard cars that are hard driven, eg: drift, gymkhana, sprint, trackday and race cars.

The Helix cover will increase pedal effort over a standard item but can still be daily driven.



- Can be used with either Helix organic or cerametallic clutch driveplates. - Works with standard release bearing