Helix Uprated Clutch Plate - 4 Paddle - Celica GT4 & MR2 Turbo

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Celica GT4 & MR2 Turbo Helix Uprated Clutch Plate

Cerametallic - 4 Paddle driveplate, high performance friction material, and a heavy duty sprung centre hub.

Note 1: To make a complete clutch kit, please also purchase release bearing and either modified cover or uprated cover.

Modified cover offers 273 lb/ft torque capacity

Uprated cover offers 360 lb/ft torque capacity

Note 2: This clutch provides a fairly progressive engagement, making it driver friendly. Wear rate can be high, so it is not suitable for cars that spend all day in heavy traffic.

Note 3: Cerametallic friction material can withstand more heat and is more suitable for competition use and repeated drag type launches. For heavy traffic use please purchase an Organic Driveplate.

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