Lanoguard Treatment - GR86, GT86, BRZ, GR Yaris, A90 Supra

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Lanoguard Treatment for GR86, GT86, BRZ, GR Yaris, A90 Supra & any other late model Toyota or Lexus

If you love your car as much as we do, then it's definitely worth getting our Lanoguard treatment.

Note: We only perform this treatment on non rusty new (ish) cars.

It is a preventative treatment to stop the car rusting and can be renewed annually.

Option: We also offer a brake, strip, clean and grease with copaslip to prevent future brake issues.

Please email for further information or to book your Lanoguard treatment

Lanoguard info:

Lanoguard is a low prep, quick application with minimal mess. A lasting, jet-wash resistant and eco-friendly barrier coating that stays in place and stops salt, grit and moisture in their tracks.

Trusted by thousands of vehicle owners across the UK and Ireland. Sourced and made in the UK with eco-friendly natural products.

Our formulas have come from years of research and development, and real-world industrial uses, to give the best protection against rust and corrosion.

Raw materials are UK-sourced, to ensure our blends have the properties and features ideally suited to underbody protection.

Many of our core ingredients we have made especially for us. We’ve worked with our suppliers for the past 11 years to perfect the raw ingredients and now make our products using bespoke materials which give Lanoguard the high surface adhesion, seeping/creeping ability, and industrial-grade protection required of a high-quality underbody protection product.

The use of these premium quality materials means that Lanoguard has a set of technical properties and features which really set it apart from petroleum-based products and its other competition

  • GR86
  • GR86 2020 on
  • Subaru BRZ 2012 On
  • Subaru BRZ 2017 On BRZ
  • Toyota A90 GR Supra
  • Toyota GR Yaris
  • Toyota GT86 2012 to 2016
  • Toyota GT86 2017 On

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