Lowering Spring Set - String Theory Garage Adjustable Spring Kit - GR Yaris

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A product from a company who truly believe in creating a quality suspension product. On the face of it, you might think its an expensive lowering spring kit but read on, it has been properly tested and developed. Never expected to sell in high volume but a great product for those that believe in small businesses creating fantastic products. 

String Theory Garage, in conjunction with JCR-Developments and Eibach, has developed an adjustable-height performance spring kit for the Toyota GR Yaris designed to work with standard dampers and top mounts.

This kit allows ride-height reductions of up to 35mm compared to stock whilst providing excellent compliance on the road and increased body control during performance driving on both road and track.

The standard GR Yaris has been met with high praise the world over. Having covered many miles in their own development car, they agreed that the stock car was an exciting recipe. However they knew that they could improve upon the standard spring setup without spoiling the work that Toyota have done on their dampers.

Working with Eibach, they assessed the OEM setup and knew that they wanted to maintain the road manners and compliance felt on the standard springs. In addition, they wanted to reduce weight transfer to help improve body control during performance driving on the road and track through lowering the car’s centre of gravity and some subtle increases to spring rate. Finally, they wanted to provide the ability to cornerweight the car for fine-tuning track handling.

String Theory Garage adjustable height performance spring kit for the GR Yaris. Works with standard dampers and top mounts.

Kit includes 2x front springs, 2x rear springs, 4x adjusters, grub screws and allen bolts.

Front springs: Lowers car up to 35mm over standard. 15% stiffer than OEM.

Rear springs: Lowers car up to 35mm over standard. 20% stiffer than OEM.

Technical Specs Overview

Engineered and developed in-house at String Theory Garage, with Eibach & JCR-Developments.

  • Ride height change

    • Front: Up to -35mm​*

    • Rear: Up to -35mm*

  • Spring rate changes

    • Front: +15%​

    • Rear: +20%

  • Dual rate springs both front and rear, fitted with polyeurethane clip tubing to prevent coating wear

  • Springs manufactured by Eibach Germany to industry leading tolerances.

  • Anodized aluminium adjusters compatible with standard dampers and top-mounts

  • Toyota GR Yaris

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