Rear Differential - Final Drive - M Factory - Various Ratios - GT86 & BRZ, JZX90 & JZX100

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Crown Wheel & Pinion Set for GT86 & BRZ

The MFactory final drive gears are cut from high quality fully Carburized Forged Nickel-Chromoly Steel while also benefiting from our proprietary heat treatment process. 

By changing your final gear ratios, you can experience a dramatic increase in acceleration, giving you on average, a 10-15% increase in torque throughout the entire rev-range over the OEM Final Drive.

What is a final drive gear set?

The final drive ratio is the final gearing between your transmission and the driven wheels. By changing it, you can affect the performance of your car.

A lower number final drive ratio will lead to less torque at the wheels but a higher top speed.

A higher number offers more torque at the wheels, closes the gear ratios, and a lower top speed.

The standard ration for a GT86 & BRZ is 4.1

By changing your final gear ratios, you can optimise the car for different applications.

eg: 1, GT86 but want more acceleration and closer gear ratios to keep the engine in the correct rev band - use a 4.44 or 4.67.

eg: 2, GT86 automatic cars from the factory have very high gear ratios, 4th in the auto is the same ratio as 5th in the manual car. We recommend 4.67 to improve acceleration.


  • Subaru BRZ 2012 On
  • Subaru BRZ 2017 On BRZ
  • Toyota GT86 2012 to 2016
  • Toyota GT86 2017 On
  • Toyota JZX100 2.5 Turbo 09/96> 06/01
  • Toyota JZX90 2.5 Twin Turbo 10/92> 08/96
- You will also need to replace the following parts when installing the final drive. These can be found in the Drivetrain section. - GT86 Rear Drive Pinion Nut - GT86 Rear Diff Front Oil Seal - GT86 Rear Diff Crush Tube