Millers Gear Oil with LSD Additive - CRX LS 75w90 NT - 1 Litre

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CRX LS 75w90 NT Fully Synthetic Gear Oil with NT & LSD Additive

1Litre - Suitable for Plate Type LSD


Competition fully synthetic transmission oil with friction modifiers for limited slip differentials. Incorporates “Nano Technology” additive chemistry to significantly reduce internal frictional and power losses, whilst providing additional shock protection to the gear mechanism.


Designed for the lubrication of competition gearboxes and axles which require limited slip high performance oils. Hypoid differentials with limited slip, gearboxes with combined limited slip differential, synchromesh and non-synchromesh manual gearboxes and transfer boxes. Hewland, Xtrac, Glebe Transmissions, ZF, Tran X, PPG.

User Benefit:

Friction-modified transmission oil, which has minimised power loss characteristics.

Very good oxidation resistance and superior thermal stability. Low friction/low drag formulation to help reduce operating temperatures.

Exceptional cold flow properties for easier gear changes.

High film strength and shock protection for maximum protection of gears and dog rings. High performance in limited slip differentials.