Motec M142 Ecu - Plug-in ECU Package for the GR Yaris - Standalone Ecu

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This highly anticipated plug-in solution for the GR Yaris is a complete replacement for the factory ECU and includes an OE-look adaptor box for neat and tidy installation.

If you want the most from your GR Yaris for the road or racers alike you need true tunability with a standalone ecu! This or a syvecs are very likely to be your only option to properly tune the car for a very long time.

We offer a fitting and tuning package for £1250 including VAT. This is live tuned on the road, dyno tuning adds a cost to this. Please email to discuss booking and requirements

The Kit includes:

  • M142M ECU 
  • M1 GR Yaris Adaptor Kit, containing:
    • M142 Yaris Adaptor Box
    • M142 Yaris Mounting Kit
    • M1 Adaptor Stub Looms
    • M1 Adaptor LTC Loom
    • LTC - LSU Lambda to CAN
    • Lambda Sensor Wideband Bosch LSU 4.9 
  • Logging Licence: Level 1

The M1 Yaris Package provides comprehensive support for OE features, including Selectable Drive Modes using the factory controls, Head-Up Display, Direct Injector with high pressure Fuel Pump Control and Secondary Port Injector Control, Cruise Control and all original dash functionality including warnings.

Encrypted OE safety security prevents the M1 interacting with the Radar Collision subsystem, therefore Active Cruise Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Low Speed Pre-Collision System and Lane Trace Assist are not available. To prevent alarms associated with these systems showing up on the dash, there are parts included in the kit to install an optional Dash Override. See the datasheet link for more details.

Drivers should be aware that specifically the following standard features do not work utilising this M1 Package: Active Cruise Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Low Speed Pre-Collision System and Lane Trace Assist.

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  • Toyota GR Yaris
Included in package: - Motec M1 Package (ECU & Software Licence) - FA20 Plug & Play Loom Adapter - Lambda to Can Module(no sensor)