Oil Cooler kit - 10 Row - HEL - Fast Road & Track GR Yaris

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Oil Cooler kit - 10 Row - HEL - Fast Road & Track GR Yaris

Fast Road Kit uses a Setrab series 6 330mm width cooler core

Track Kit uses a full width Setrab Series 9 405mm width cooler core for extra cooling - More does not always mean better, if you rarely see track and use the car for fun on the road more we recommend sticking with the fast road kit. 

Thermostatic sandwich plate set to 92c

The most thought out kit on the market at the moment, using swivel banjos to get clearance in very tight spots and minimise impact on ground clearance on the sandwich plate area. The team at HEL 3d scanned the engine bay to find the best solution and manufactured a custom bracket to mount the oil cooler on the crash bar using factory mounting points so you don't need to drill the super tough crash bar. The cooler then sits directly in the air flow behind the top grill. 

Fully assembled kit using AN10 high flow performance hoses to minimise pressure drop and maximise flow

What's Included

  • Setrab Series 6 or Series 9 ProLine 10 row oil cooler with AN10 banjo adapters.
  • HEL custom aluminium mounting bracket.
  • HEL solid billet 92°C thermostatic oil filter sandwich plate with AN10 banjo adapters, to maximise ground clearance.
  • Preassembled AN10 HEL braided hoses with anodised aluminium fittings (heat sleeve optional).
  • HEL aluminium hose separator.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware.
  • Installation instructions.

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  • Toyota GR Yaris

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