Oil Cooler kit - HKS - GR Yaris

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HKS Oil Cooler kit for GR Yaris

When track driving with the GR Yaris oil temperatures rise rapidly!

HKS has developed a Turn-Flow Type oil cooler that provides the oil temperature management required for continuous track driving.

This provides competent oil management and continuous sustained performance.

Authentic tests using real vehicles prove the high standards of HKS product, check out the pics for real data!

Concept features:

  • Provides a cooling performance that allows the vehicle to perform many laps.
  • Traditional layout allowing both oil and water temperature control.
  • Although Turn-Flow Type Core has small core surface for improved cooling performance. 
  • Oil aluminium pipes are a highly efficient style that makes effective use of limited space.


  • Oil cooler core
  • Billet Alloy sandwich plate
  • Alloy oil cooler pipes
  • AN10 oil cooler hoses
  • Brackets and fixings

Note: Some processing of stock parts for clearance is required as follows

Radiator upper air guide needs trimming

Cool air brake intake duct requires trimming

Instructions available in English please email us 

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  • Toyota GR Yaris

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