Oil Cooler kit - HKS - NA - GT86 & BRZ

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HKS Oil Cooler kit for normally aspirated GT86 & BRZ

Maintaining a controlled oil temperature is a major factor in engine reliability. The HKS oil cooler kit has been designed and proven to hold oil temperature consistently even on track for 30 minutes!

The HKS oil cooler has been designed to fit in front of the radiator and installation requires no major modifications. 

All necessary parts for installation are included in the kit.


  • Newly designed single tube type fitting.

  • From engine bench tests and experience from D1 racing it is found that the oil pressure of the FA20 engine is extremely high compared to the conventional mass-produced engines. (Max oil pressure: over 12kgf/cm²) New single tube fitting withstanding the high oil pressure was newly designed and included in the kit.

  • Including the pre-assembled hose, bracket, and air guide and locating the core in front of the radiator enable an easy installation. Also, there is no major modification required to the chassis.

  • Special spacer and centre bolts were designed exclusively for this kit to install the oil cooler attachment without modification.

  • The thin 15-layer core improves the cooling performance and makes installation easier.

  • This kit is applicable only to the NA engine.


Oil cooler core, complete with all fittings, hoses, brackets & mounts.

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  • Subaru BRZ 2012 On
  • Subaru BRZ 2017 On BRZ
  • Toyota GT86 2012 to 2016
  • Toyota GT86 2017 On

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