Roll Cage - Multi Point - T45 - MS UK Compliant - MR2 MK2

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International Multipoint T45 roll cage kit. FIA Certificated for Toyota MR2 MK2

Weld-in roll cage kit: Our weld-in kits are supplied with all the parts you need to fit a roll cage. All the tubes are pre-cut and profiled to fit. They come complete with the footplates that get welded to the car, as well as all relevant gussets.

MR2 MK2 Roll Cage features:

  • T45, weld in kit
  • All tubes are pre-cut and profiled to fit
  • Footplates and relevant gussets are included
  • MS UK Compliant, Multipoint
  • Suitable for Hillclimb, Sprints, Time attack, Track days
  • Optional tubes 1 - Roof diagonal for hard top models (Replaces T Bar assembly)

Multipoint (weld-in) roll cage: These have a minimum of 8 point attachments. Please note, HOWEVER – Because our roll cage will fit very closely to the body-shell it would be normal practice to weld the cage to the shell in at least an additional 8 or 10 places, (and sometimes many more) making a minimum of 16 points.

MS UK Compliant: The roll cage has been made to MS UK (MSA) prescribed tube sizes. This means the cage was made to comply with all the current regulations. These cages are eligible for all MS UK events.

For worldwide sales please enquire.

Fitting can be arranged at the factory in Daventry UK.

  • Special order
  • Toyota MR2 2.0 GT Rev 1 3S-GE 12/89> 12/91
  • Toyota MR2 2.0 GT Rev 2 3S-GE 12/91> 11/93
  • Toyota MR2 2.0 GT Rev 3 3S-GE 11/93> 12/99
  • Toyota MR2 Coupe Rev 1 3S-FE 12/89> 12/91
  • Toyota MR2 Coupe Rev 2 3S-FE 12/91> 08/92
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 1 3S-GTE 12/89> 12/91
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 2 3S-GTE 12/91> 11/93
  • Toyota MR2 Turbo Rev 3 3S-GTE 11/93> 08/99

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