Supertech - Exhaust Valve Set - Sodium Filled - GR Yaris

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Supertech Exhaust Valve Set of 6 for GR Yaris

Price is for a set of 6.

Sodium Filled Exhaust Valve

  • Head Diameter: 32mm(std)
  • Material: Inconel-Nimonic / Sodium Filled
  • Groove Type: Single Groove
  • Length: 117.1mm
  • Stem Diameter: 5.465mm
  • Set of 6

As we are all learning the weakest link in a high power GR Yaris is the valvetrain, we believe that a lot of engine failures are initially caused by valvetrain failure. 

Supertech sodium filled valves made of Inconel/Nimonic alloy offer a significant reduction in valve head temperatures that are required for today’s modern turbo engines.

A cooler valve improves the material strength and durability.

For use in turbocharged hi stress engines

  • Toyota GR Yaris
Price is for a set of 6 exhaust valves