Supertech - Intake Valve Set - Black Nitride - GR Yaris

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Supertech Intake Valve Set of 6 for GR Yaris

Price is for a set of 6.

Black Nitride Intake Valve

  • Head Diameter: 32.80mm (STD)
  • Material: Stainless Steel 21-4N
  • Black Nitride Coating
  • Groove Type: Single Groove
  • Length: 113.60mm
  • Stem Diameter: 5.468mm
  • Set of 6

As we are all learning the weakest link in a high power GR Yaris is the valvetrain, we believe that a lot of engine failures are initially caused by valvetrain failure. 

Supertech intake valves are made exclusively from an enhanced versions of EV8 (21-4N) steel. This is the highest grade of steel available and provides the strength to withstand just about any application.

Supertech black nitride coated valves feature harder surfaces and smoother finishes, providing less friction and subsequently longer life.

For use in turbocharged hi stress engines

  • Toyota GR Yaris
Price is for a set of 6 intake valves