Surge Tank Kit Evo 10

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Blitz High Capacity Intake Manifold / Surge Tank

Compatible with normal engine, new camshaft, or new 2.3L kit.

Tank capacity is 2.8L, which is double of original.

Cast alluminium 2-piece (Port/Tank) construction to house the funnels for the best induction efficiency and airflow balance between cylinders.

Injector collars are used to accept stock injectors.

Can also be used with 800cc injector (part no 31244), simply remove the collar and new injector bolts straight on with 31246 collar set .

Stock fuel delivery pipe is usable to avoid extra cost.

Performance Characteristics:

Power before: 366.7ps, after new Surge Tank: 374.3ps

Torque before: 460.4Nm, after Surge Tank 491.1Nm
(Tested by BLITZ demo car with B-EMU, Nur-R and up-grade Actuator)