Syvecs Standalone 4WD / AWD Controller - GR Yaris

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A dedicated AWD controller for the Toyota GR Yaris, giving you full control of the AWD system.

This does not require a standalone ECU to be used, it can be used in an otherwise entirely standard car.

This unit gives the ability to make live adjustments - a must-have for some drivers.

The Syvecs unit automatically adjusts the duty cycle, based on the temperature of the clutch packs. This prevents the AWD mode from ever disengaging totally if a unit is close to overheating - something which could be very dangerous if it were to happen mid-corner.

The Syvecs Yaris AWD unit is programmable via a USB connector and can be connected using our S-Cal calibration software. 

Having problems with your diff clutch packs overheating on track? Not only can this lower the heat being put into the clutches it can stop the instant and quite frankly dangerous decoupling of the 4wd system once the temperature limit is reached!

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  • Toyota GR Yaris
- Suitable for manual transmission cars only.