Toyota GR Yaris BOV Kompact EM Dual Port - TURBOSMART - Blow off valve - Dump Valve

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Dual Port - Loudest version

Note: This can cause stalling issues on some cars with standard ecus. The momentary over fuelling on over run can cause the engine speed to drop low enough for it to cut out. No issues on Syvecs & Motec cars not relying on the airflow meter.

The award-winning Kompact EM series Blow-Off Valves, are the world’s first truly plug and play Blow-Off Valves. Simply unplug and unbolt your OEM Blow-Off Valve, and install ours in its place. No adapters, hoses or extra assembly required. All this while retaining complete OE control of the BOV’s operation.

Turbocharger performance is increased due to minimising leakage, rapid response, coupled with superior thermal performance thanks to our world-leading engineering and simulation abilities.

A must-have for hybrid or larger flowing turbos that utilise OE electronic diverter valve by not leaking, the EM will achieve target boost without stressing the turbo charger and wastegate

Key Features Include:

  • Patented integrated pressure control
  • True plug and play upgrade
  • Integrated proprietary high-temperature solenoid valve
  • Billet construction with high-temperature o-rings
  • Available in plumb back or dual port options

Fitting Instructions HERE 

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