TRD Ignition Lead Kit - 7mm - Corolla AE86

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The spark plug lead must reliably transmit the high voltage from the ignition coil so that the spark plug can reliably send a spark across its gap.

The TRD spark plug lead sets for the Corolla AE86 were developed based on the racing use concept. That is, achieve ideal resistance to enable a strong, steady spark, even under harsh conditions. We also used silicon rubber, with its excellent heat and water resistance characteristics. And, its color tone is red - to evoke the TRD image, which makes for an even hotter looking engine.

Ignition Lead kit - 7mm - Red

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  • Toyota Corolla 1.6 GT Coupe AE86 05/85> 12/87
  • Toyota Corolla 1.6 GT Coupe AE86 08/83 > 05/85

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