Turbocharger - Fensport Stage 2 Hybrid Turbo - GR Yaris

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GR Yaris Hybrid Turbocharger - Stage 2

Capable of around 400bhp with supporting modifications.

Completely rebuilt using a new IHI CHRA with an uprated shaft, larger exhaust turbine and larger billet 11 blade GTX Style compressor wheel - rebuilt & balanced to racing standards

Original vacuum actuator modified to achieve a solid 2bar of boost through the entire rev range on the original boost control system. If you are looking for more than 2 bar of boost we can convert this to a normal boost feed actuator type and you can change the boost control system on the car. This will require a standalone ecu and you will need to email us to discuss the spec and arrange this for you.

At 2 bar of boost with a turbo back exhaust, intercooler upgrade, larger port injectors, standalone ecu, Kelford 267A cams and Kelford valve springs this will achieve around 400bhp. If the boost is managed well this can be done on a stock clutch. 

This spec is very responsive. 1bar of boost is available from 2800rpm, 2bar can be achieved as low as 3800rpm but we do not advise this "all in" boost control strategy on the stock clutch and dual mass flywheel. It should be tapered to preserve their life.

We have tested these turbos with great success and are now very happy to offer them to you as the perfect solution to making power on this platform!

3 options are available

Rebuild your turbo - Purchase this listing then send your complete turbo in to us, we will then send it off to our turbo builder and on completion will be returned to you. Depending on demand this can take up to 45 days, normal turnaround time is 10 days.

Exchange your turbo - If we have one of these units in stock ready to ship you can pay full price and we will ship the turbo out immediately saving you time. On return of your original turbo and after inspection proves it is good enough to be rebuilt into a hybrid you will be refunded £2400 + vat.

Outright sale - If we have one of these in stock it will be immediately dispatched to you, if we do not have stock a brand new turbocharger will be ordered from Toyota and sent to the turbo builders. On completion it will be shipped to you. If this is not in stock please contact us for a lead time estimate.

  • Toyota GR Yaris

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