Valve Springs - Kelford Beehive Springs, Base & Titanium Retainer set - GR Yaris - G16E-GTS

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GR Yaris - Kelford Valve Springs with bases and Titanium Retainers

Set of 12 Springs, Retainers & bases

  • 100lb @ 35.0mm on intake, 198lb @ 12.0mm lift. vs Stock at 51lb seated and 106lb open
  • 87lb @ 36.7mm on Exhaust, 178lb @ 11.5mm lift. vs Stock at 75lb seated and 149lb open
  • Coil bind @ 22.0mm

Fensport Tip: Valve float at high boost is a problem on the G16E-GTS engine which can cause valvetrain failure.
We recommend these to anyone running over 1.6bar of boost even on the stock turbo, we ran into heavy misfires caused by valve float from 1.8 bar onwards on a G25-660 but we have heard of people experiencing valve float symptoms very early on in their tuning as low as 1.6bar on the stock turbo so we highly recommend these as "cheap insurance" in your engine if you intend to tune it and use it hard.

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  • Toyota GR Yaris
Must remove OEM spring base and fit the 8.0mm base supplied